The Great Pajama Project

Who receives the New Pajamas you collect?

Currently we are donating to Durham Children's Aid Foundation. The items go to the “at home” kids, many of whom are living with a family member not their parent and who are living well below the poverty line. Most of these children have been impacted by domestic violence. 

Why are Pajamas/Slippers donated?

We asked what was a need for DCAF and found that we had a connection with the need of Pajamas. Receiving their own brand new pair of pajamas or slippers brings them a sense of comfort and ownership that they typically aren’t used to as most of the clothes have been hand me downs.  Pajamas usually aren’t included in these types of hand me downs. New PJ's are always something that our family looks forward to receiving on Christmas Eve.

How can I donate?

You can purchase new pair(s) of pajamas or slippers and contact Finley, Tatum or their parents (Tim or Michelle) and we will be happy to arrange to pick up the items or you can drop them off at our home.

If you'd like to contribute through GoFundMe, we would be happy to shop for New PJs on your behalf! 


Can I do a Group Donation?

Yes, gathering your Co-Workers, Community, Company or School group members and doing a Pajama Drive is a great initiative and we would be happy to organize a pick up date with you. 

How can I contact The Great Pajama Project?

You can reach us by:

Email :

Ph: (289) 200-7611


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